NetWitness Dashboard Creation

Video created by Robert Dredger Employee on Sep 19, 2016

    Hey NetWitness Users,


         I've assembled a short video outlining the process and methods used to create a custom Dashboard for your NetWitness environment.  This is a quick video that outlines only a few of the Dashlets available to users.  Be on the look out for another video coming soon that goes into greater detail about each Dashlet and their various uses!



    • What are Dashboards?
    • Create Custom Dashboards
      • Dashboard Selection List
      • Add Dashlets
      • Configure Dashlets
    • Best Practices


    What are Dashboards?

    • A Dashboard is a group of Dashlets that give you the ability to see, in one place, key snapshots of various modules that you consider important.  The NetWitness Unified Module has a Dashboard.  You can compose Dashboards to glean high-level information and metrics that portray the overall picture of a NetWitness Deployment, displaying only the information that is most relevant to day-to-day operations.
    • You can create custom Dashboards to serve a particular purpose; for example, to represent a specific geographical or functional area of the network.  Each custom Dashboard is appended to the Dashboard Selection List.
    • Once custom Dashboards are created you can:
      • Switch between Dashboards by selecting an option from the Dashboard Selection List
      • Delete any custom Dashboard
      • Import or export a Dashboard



       Thanks for watching, I hope this was found useful to some of you! As always, feel free to post any questions or suggestions.


    Thank you,

    RSA Bob