Using Explore to Synchronize Disabled Parsers across Decoders

Video created by Evan Pols Employee on Oct 4, 2016

    This is a quick video that covers the following topics:

    • Using Explore to disable identical sets of parsers from one Log Decoder to another to keep an environment synchronized.
    • Using Explore to compare two like-services (just a byproduct of the above)
    • Using Explore to reload parsers and understanding how to verify it from /var/log/messages


    The relevant locations where these values can be found in Explore are:

    • Log Decoder: Explore\Decoder\Parsers\Config\devices.disabled
    • Packet Decoder: Explore\Decoder\Parsers\Config\parsers.disabled
    • Reloading Parsers (both): Explore\Decoder>Right Click Parsers and choose "Properties". Under the dropdown list, choose "reload" and click "submit"