Authentication Manager 8.1:  Self-Service Overview

Video created by RSA Link Team Employee on Feb 16, 2017

    RSA Self-Service provides a workflow system for deploying RSA SecurID authenticators.  Users can perform many of the provisioning steps themselves and the system automates the workflow.  In the web-based Self-Service Console that you configure, users can manage many day-to-day activities related to authentication, tokens and user accounts.  Self-Service reduces the time that administrators and help desk personnel spend deploying tokens and helping users.


    RSA recommends installing the Self-Service Console on a secure server on a web tier in the DMZ.  In the DMZ the Self-Service Console is protected by a firewall and the Authentication Manager instances are protected by a second firewall on the network perimeter.  This installation offers the convenience of self-service to remote and internet users while protecting your internal resources.

    SecurCare Online (SCOL) has been deprecated.  Please use RSA Link for documentation, downloads, community and more.