Myth 5:  Dispelling The Myths around Software Tokens

Video created by RSA Link Team Employee on Mar 2, 2017

    Software tokens cost as much as hardware tokens.  Myth shattered!


    Here are three reasons why:


    • Firstly, acquisition costs are lower.  The SecurID app itself is actually free and readily available on marketplaces.  What you pay for is the token record.
    • Secondly, deployment costs are minimal.  You don't have to physically snail mail a token.  Plus, you can use self-service and workflow automation to provision tokens.
    • Thirdly, ongoing costs can also be lower.  How is this possible?  Well, you don't lose your token.  Software tokens can be revoked and re-issued to a new user when an employee leaves a company, meaning lower shipping, new token and token record costs.