RSA NetWitness NW Server: Standby / Failover (Scenario 1)

Video created by Naushad Kasu Employee on Mar 31, 2020 


    This video covers the following scenario:


    Scenario 1: Catastrophic Node0 Primary Failure

    That is, the Primary server has suffered a catastrophic failure.


    CAVEAT: In the final step, we create a brand new imaged Standby Server. Note that re-licensing will be necessary at this point of your NW deployment because the original Primary license server ID is now lost because of the catastrophic failure of NW Primary Server. Secondary (which is now your Primary) is still registered with our licensing server and therefore running in this state is acceptable. However, for long-term and before you have to failover again due to any future failures, you need to re-license your deployment to include the new license server ID.


    Future Videos Coverage:


    Scenario 2: Primary Offline Short-Term -- that is, Primary is down for a period of time, it is fixed and brought back online e.g. we fail back from Standby back to original Primary.


    Scenario 3 [NW 11.4.1 Upcoming Feature]: Failover to Standby with different IP -- that is, we have a Standby in a complete different geographic and IP subnet that we failover to/from.