Win the Week with RSA University - Episode 36

Video created by Patricia Chagnon Employee on May 11, 2020

    RSA University "Win The Week" VLOG Episode 36!


    This is a weekly VLOG series where we update you on what is happening behind the scenes at RSA University. On this week's episode, we discuss all of the RSA NetWitness, RSA Archer, and RSA SecurID training for the month of May. We will be delivering ALL training offerings VIRTUALLY through September 1, 2020!


    We are also excited to announce our new RSA Archer On-Demand Support Webinar taking place May 27th at 11:00am EST.


    Also, we feel this is a great opportunity to ask what you would like to see from RSA University in 2020. Leave a comment below or send a direct message. We look forward to getting the conversation going!



    To sign up for the Archer Support Webinar, please visit: