Clear an SecurID PIN in the User Dashboard

When a user forgets a SecurID PIN, you can clear the PIN so that the user can create a new one. When you clear a user’s PIN, the user can create a new PIN the next time the user authenticates.

For example, suppose a user has forgotten a PIN and calls for help. You verify the user’s identity and clear the PIN. You tell the user to enter just the tokencode when prompted for the passcode the next time user authenticates. After entering the tokencode, the user is prompted to create a new PIN for the user’s token.

You can clear PINs on any primary or replica instance.


  1. In the Security Console, go to the Home page.

  2. Use Quick Search to find the user.

  3. Select the user whose PIN needs to be cleared.

  4. Under Assigned SecurID Tokens, click the token with the PIN that needs to be cleared.

  5. Click Clear PIN.

  1. When prompted, click Clear PIN(s).