Promote a Replica Instance for Disaster Recovery

This procedure removes a malfunctioning primary instance from the deployment and promotes a replica instance to be the new primary instance. Promoting a replica instance restores the ability to administer a deployment.

While the replica instance is being promoted, users cannot authenticate to the replica, and you cannot perform any administrative functions, such as adding users.

If the original primary instance and all replica instances are online and functional, then you can perform a promotion for maintenance. For more information, see Promotion for Maintenance.

Before you begin

You must be an Operations Console administrator.


  1. Log on to the Operations Console of the replica instance that you are promoting, and click Deployment Configuration > Replica Promotion> For Disaster Recovery.

  2. On the Promote Replica to Primary page under Current Replica Instance Details, review the information to verify that this is the replica instance that you want to promote.

  3. Under Confirmation, select Yes, promote the replica, and click Promote.

    The promotion progress displays. For detailed information about this process, click Advanced Status View.

  4. After all the promotion tasks are completed, click Next.

  5. Review the information under Summary/Results and Proposed Next Steps, and click Done.

After you finish

  • Check the following items on the new primary instance after you finish the promotion process, and make any necessary changes.



    Primary Instance Web Tiers. If web tiers are associated with the old primary instance, perform these steps:

    1. Check the replication status of each replica instance to verify that the replica status displays Normal.

    2. After the status of all of each replica instance displays Normal, wait five minutes to make sure that the server list check has taken place.

    3. Restart the bootstrapper server and web-tier services on each web tier.

    Check Replication Status

    Managing the Web-Tier Service

    Replica Instance Web Tiers. If web tiers are associated with any replica instance, perform these steps:

    1. Wait for the web-tier status to display Offline.

      This can take about 30 minutes.

    2. Restart the bootstrapper server and web-tier services on each web tier.

    3. Wait for the web-tier status to display Online before attempting to access the web-tier services.

    View Web-Tier Deployments

    Managing the Web-Tier Service

    Identity Sources. Make sure that the identity sources that you use are connected to the new primary instance.

    View the Identity Sources in Your Deployment

    Schedule Backups. Review the backup schedule for the primary instance. Make sure that the new primary instance can communicate with the backup location.

    Create a Backup Using Schedule Backups

    Self-Service Console URL. Make sure that the link that is included in e-mail notifications for Self-Service user account changes contains the correct URL for the Self-Service Console.

    Critical Notifications. Check SMTP configuration for critical notifications and other purposes, like dynamic seed provisioning.

  • To make the historical log data from the former primary instance available on the new primary instance, use the Operations Console to restore the log data from the last good backup of the old primary instance. For instructions, see Restore from Backup.