Provide an Offline Emergency Passcode in the User Dashboard

Users who forgot their PIN may need an offline emergency passcode. An offline emergency passcode takes the place of the passcode (PIN + tokencode) that the user normally enters. The user does not need to possess the token or know the PIN to authenticate offline.

Before you begin

Confirm the following:

  • The user’s security domain allows offline authentication and permits the user to download offline emergency access tokencodes.
  • The user has authenticated to an agent that supports offline authentication and the agent has downloaded days of offline authentication data.


  1. In the Security Console, go to the Home page.

  2. Use Quick Search to find the user.

  3. Select the user you want to whom you want to provide a temporary fixed passcode.

  4. Under User Profile, click Authentication Settings.
  5. In Fixed Passcode, select Allow authentication with a fixed passcode.

  6. In the Fixed Passcode and Confirm Fixed Passcode fields, enter a new passcode.

  7. Click Save.