Resynchronize a Token in the User Dashboard

A token must be resynchronized when the tokencode displayed on the token does not match the tokencode generated by Authentication Manager. When the tokencodes do not match, authentication attempts fail. Depending on your configuration, users can resynchronize tokens with the Self-Service Console.

Before you begin

You need access to the tokencodes. The user can read tokencodes to you over the phone.


  1. In the Security Console, go to the Home page.

  2. Use Quick Search to find the user.

  3. Select the user whose token you want to resynchronize.

  4. Under Assigned SecurID Tokens, click the token you want to resynchronize.

  5. Click the arrow next to the Edit button and select Resynchronize Token.

  1. Type the current tokencode.
  1. Type the next tokencode.
  1. Click Resynchronize.

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