Scheduled Report Jobs

A scheduled report job creates a report according to a specified schedule. When creating a scheduled report job, you can configure these parameters.

Job Starts. The date to run the first instance of the recurring report job.

Frequency. The frequency of the recurring report:

  • Daily or Weekly - You can run the report each day, or on a specific day or multiple days.

  • Monthly - You can run the report every month, or on certain months. You can also specify the day on which the report is run.

Run Time. The time of day that the report is run.

Job Expires. The date when the recurring report job expires. You can choose a job that does not expire, or you can enter a specific date.

Input Parameters. Filter the report results. The available values vary depending on the report. For example, for a report on disabled user accounts, the report can show only disabled accounts belonging to users with a certain first name.

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