Self-Service Troubleshooting

The self-service troubleshooting feature allows Self-Service Console users to troubleshoot routine authentication problems when they cannot access protected resources using primary methods such as passwords or passcodes.

Users can troubleshoot the following problems, if their records are stored in the internal database.

  • Reset passwords

  • Reset token PINs

  • Resynchronize tokens

  • Request a new tokens (if they lost the old one)

  • Request emergency access tokencodes

You associate Self-Service troubleshooting policies with security domains. The default policy is automatically assigned to each new security domain that you create. You can override the default policy by selecting a custom policy.

Note: Self-service troubleshooting cannot reset on-demand authentication (ODA) PINs. A Super Admin can reset ODA PINs in the Security Console. For instructions, see Set a Temporary On-Demand Tokencode PIN for a User.