Unlink Identity Sources from the System

In RSA Authentication Manager, when you link an identity source to the system, all users and user groups in the identity source can be viewed and managed through the Authentication Manager Security Console. When you unlink an identity source, those users and user groups can no longer be managed through the Security Console.

You must unlink an identity source before you perform the following operations:

  • Before you delete the identity source.

  • Before you edit the identity source user attribute mappings.

In the Security Console, user management includes enabling or disabling users for authentication methods. If you want to modify user data that is stored in Active Directory, use your Active Directory tools.

If you need to temporarily unlink an identity source (for example, to test a source with the same URL and a different scope, or to add an associated Global Catalog) do not run a cleanup job.

When you re-link the identity source, all users from that identity source will be resolvable again. Authentication Manager will be able to locate those users as it did before the unlink operation.

Before you begin

You must be an Authentication Manager Super Admin.

Note: You cannot unlink the internal database and the identity source to which you belong.


  1. In the Authentication Manager Security Console, click Setup > Identity Sources > Link Identity Source to System.

  2. From the list of linked identity sources under Link Identity Source, select the identity source that you want to unlink, and click the left arrow to unlink it.

  3. Click Save.

  4. On the Unlink Identity Source Confirmation screen, select Yes, unlink the identity source(s).

  5. Click Unlink.