View Identity Sources Linked to the System

When you link an identity source to the system, all users and groups in the identity source are available to Authentication Manager and can be viewed and managed through the Security Console.

In the Security Console, user management includes such tasks as enabling or disabling users for authentication methods, associating groups with restricted agents, and assigning tokens to users. If you want to modify user data that is stored in an LDAP directory, use your LDAP directory tools.

Users in an identity source are visible in the top-level security domain by default, but can be moved to other security domains as necessary. Additionally, you can configure security domain mappings to move users from an identity source to a specific lower-level security domain.

You can link multiple identity sources to the system.

In the Operations Console, you can view a list of all of the identity sources in a deployment and details of a specific identity source. For instructions, see View the Identity Sources in Your Deployment.


In the Security Console, click Setup > Identity Sources > Link Identity Source to System.