View the Identity Router System Log

View and, optionally, download the system log to investigate problems on an identity router. For example, you can interactively debug error conditions or troubleshoot user sign-in failures.

Note: You can bundle together a collection of identity router logs (including the system log) to download as a single file. With debug-level logging turned on, the log bundle contains more detailed information than it does for standard-level logging. For more information, see Identity Router Logging.


  1. In the Cloud Administration Console, click Platform > Identity Routers.
  2. Next to the identity router you want to investigate, select View Log from the Edit drop-down menu.
    A window opens within Cloud Administration Console and displays the most recent 1,000 lines of text in the system log. In the display window, you can use standard browser functions to search, scroll, select, and copy text.
  3. (Optional) In the log display window, click Download Log. Text in the file is exported to a plain-text file. When prompted, choose to either open or save the file. If you select Open, the file opens in your default text editor. If you select Save, specify a file location that you can access later.