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Knowledge article: RSA Authentication Manager Upgrade Process

When upgrading to RSA Authentication Manager 8.x, or from a lower version of 8.x to a more recent version, there are some steps that should be done before the upgrade process as prerequisites, and other steps should be done after the upgrade process is finished to ensure successful upgrade for RSA instance(s).

Moreover, the PDF attached to this KB article includes the links for iso-images for old versions/patches that are no longer supported like 8.1, 8.1 SP1, 8.2, and 8.2 SP1 required for the upgrade process. 

Hence, a unified document attached to the KB article addressed all the issues mentioned above.

A consolidated/unified document related to the RSA Authentication Manager Full Upgrade Process has been created. As this document contains the following sections: 

1. Full Upgrade Path of RSA AM (v6.1 to v8.7 P2).
2. Pre-upgrade Steps > Doing Sanity checks and taking backup/snapshots from the RSA AM.
3. Upgrade Steps > Upgrading of Primary then Replica instances.
4. Post-upgrade Steps > Check the detailed logs and Upgrade the Web Tiers and Admin SDK steps if they are being used.
5. Downloads & Documentation > This contains all the download links for all old and new versions as well the guides and known issues for the supported versions.

- Public KB Article Link:

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