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Multiple Users Sharing desktop

We have a situation where bunch of computers (Desktop on Win 7/10) accessing by group of people. These computers are shared with group of people and every user has their own Home Drive mapped to their AD account. Can we install RSA SecurID Software on all these computers and user can import token for one time on a computer and after that they can access their own token without importing token every time they logon to all other desktops?


I tried below article but requesting me to import token on every desktop.

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This is possible if you use "Roaming Profiles". This causes location where the user's token is stored to be a part of the user profile retrieved from a Domain Controller immediately after authentication.


It should be noted that this does defeat the idea that a software token is "bound" to a physical device. While this may be useful to provide strong 2FA for internal systems, it diminishes the value of the tokencode. A compromise of the user's domain password compromises their token seed (and therefore their tokencode) as well. You might consider having these end-user authenticate with a software token on their mobile device instead of their desktop or look at using multi-factor authentication (MFA) from RSA SecurID Access suite.


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