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Achieve Business Agility - Web Services

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With a focus on helping organizations achieve business agility – we are proud to announce the release of web service features in the RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle 7.0.2 Service Pack Release With this new release, we have added some additional web services and also enhanced some existing web services.  Documentation on all the web services available can be found on the Admin->Web Services page of the RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle console.


Single Sign On

The loginUser web service has been enhanced to accept an authentication source.  This can be used in conjuction with credentials or you can specify the authentication source by itself and the authentication source then relies on artifacts already present in the request for authentication.  For example, you might specify a configured SSO user header authentication source.  The web service would use the authentication source to validate the right artifacts are there before returning a token.  The token can then be used for subsequent web service calls.


Process Rule

A new web service to run a specific rule or all rules is now available.  The call requires appropriate security privileges as documented on the web service page.


Update Review Items

updateReviewItems is a new web service that can be used to update review items outside of RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle's review user interface.  This may be used for use cases where a reviewer is reacting to an email received for example or some form of offline/out of band review where decisions are sent back to RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle using the web service.


Create Change Request

The createChangeRequest web service has been enhanced to support additional operations:

* Terminate user

* Mapping users to accounts

* Unmap users from accounts

All of these operations are described and examples provided on the Admin->Web Services page.  A successful call will result in a change request that can then be approved and fulfilled through RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle.

The mapping and unmapping from accounts operations are demonstrated here.

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