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New Feature: Web Services

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In the recent RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle 7.1.1 Service Pack Release we have added some new web services.  In previous releases you could use the findApprovals, getApprovalDetails, and performApproval web services to interact with approvals.  In this release the following web services have been introduced to interact with any type of work item including approvals:


  • getWorkItemsForUser
  • getWorkItemDetails
  • performWorkItem


The getWorkItemsForUser web service returns high level details for the work items including the work item IDs.  The getWorkItemDetails takes a work item ID and returns more details including what actions can be taken.  The actions that are returned are based on the transitions modeled in the workflow.  The performWorkItem web service is used to complete the work item using the provided action and comment.

The approval-specific web services will be deprecated in a future release.  Any implementations based on this should be updated to use the more generic work item web services.



Lastly, the new web service findReviews has be introduced in this release.  This allows you to search for reviews by name or other search criteria.  The web service returns details about the reviews based on the requested columns.  In particular, the review ID is returned which is needed for other calls like getReviewStatus, refreshReview, setReviewState, and updateUnreviewedItems.