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New User Access Review Analysis and Guidance Panel Helps Reduce Identity Risk

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In the recent RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle 7.1 release we have added a new Analysis and Guidance panel for User Access Reviews.  The Analysis and Guidance panel provides more context to the reviewer to (1) improve risk awareness, (2) identify outlier access, and (3) reduce the volume of decision making. 


The analysis and guidance panel allows the reviewer to easily filter their review results by different categories to allow them to focus on specific set of data.  For example; show only privileged access that contains violations or uncommon access (outliers) that contain violations.   The inclusion of the panel and various analysis are configurable at the review definition level. 


The analysis and guidance panel focuses on three main use cases


Improve Risk Awareness

  • Display all items with Violations
  • Display all items with Exceptional Access
  • Display all items that were previously revoked
  • Display all items for critical applications
  • Display all items that contain privileged access


Identify Outlier Access

  • Display all items that are not commonly held


Reduce the Volume of Decision Making

  • Display all items that are commonly held
  • Display all items that were recently approved
  • Display all items that have not changed since the last review


In addition the analysis and guidance panel filtering can be combined with table filtering to isolate all violations for privileged entitlements within a specific role or business unit.  


For more information on this feature – please check out this additional content. 


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