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Reduce Access Risk - New Streamlined and Intuitive Violation Remediation Experience

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Have you ever wanted to be able to review and remediation multiple access violations at once? Have you ever wanted to be able to see how widespread access violations were across a grouping of users, business units, or applications? Have you ever wanted a streamlined, intuitive, and single screen to review and remediate access violations in your organization?


As part of the RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle 7.1.1 release we have introduced a new streamlined, intuitive, and simple policy remediation experience that allows you to address the above questions. This new remediation experience follows the streamlined experience of the Risk Based Reviewer Experience; which, based on customer feedback, delivers a very successful and intuitive user review experience that has reduced risk in their organizations.


Some notable highlights for this new remediation experience

  • Several existing user access review capabilities are now available for the remediation review, such as review instructions, due date, multi-step operations, display views, guidance panel and more.
  • Improved details about the violating access in the accordion drop down, including any other policy where the violation is also in existence.
  • Policy Violation review assignments leverage the same business level assignment capabilities as user access reviews.
  • Violation Remediation Reviews can be linked to one to many User Access and Segregation of Duty Rules, making it simple for organizations to have a focused initiative to address access violations.
  • Violation Remediation Reviews can be monitored to ensure that assigned reviewers are addressing open violations.

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