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RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle Webinar #8 - March 2020: Recording and Presentation

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Hey all,

Thanks for joining another great RSA IGL Webinar. 


Hugh thanks to Rahul Gupta and Renjith Pishardy for their Deep Dives, with support from Sean Miller! Also to our partner Securience and Mike Sims for his demo on their blueprint.

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Q&A Summary:  

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How about approval routed 2 approvers because of configuration, if one of them approves it, how do you take it out from other queue? @Securience App? 

You can add new approvals or update existing ones. So simply put an update call after the approval node. This will update the approval for all approvers

So reports would show aveksaadmin did the approval? 

Yes correct, for the moment there is no way to impersonate in RSA so reports would have to adjusted to bring in another attribute (such as notes) to match up the actual approver.

Does the app show descriptions/notes entered when creating a request? 

Anything can be configured to be shared with the app. Simply append to the description of the approval request

Can the RSA logo on the Securience approval screen be re-branded to our company logo? 

Yes this is tenant specific, so customer branding can be used here

Why build something in the workflow and not use the getApprovals webservice call from RSA? 

It’s a toss up between having the action sent in real-time (workflow) and something poling the RSA server looking for new approvals. In theory you could do either. However, I believe the get approval only responds with your approvals (and not all).