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RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle Webinar #14 - Oct 2020: Recording and Presentation

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Hey all,

Thanks for joining another fantastic RSA IGL Webinar. 

Please find below the playback recoding, Presentation, useful links and Q&A

Huge thanks to: Russell Waliszewski‌, Mostafa Helmy‌ and Ahmed Nofal‌ for all their content on performance and the new dashboards

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is there any harm in running data purging on daily basis?If you have enough time available such that this does not impact your existing scheduled tasks, then it hsould be fine. Weekly is recommended for most clients
What happens when purging does not complete with in specificed window of 4 hrs ? does it commit / revert as a txn ?it will commit and then pickup next time
since purging may leave holes on disk and may need defrag be done on DB (unless doing which we will not be able to claim the tablespace) are there any scripts that RSA provides for defrag may be by implementing partitions so no impact to availability

Yes, we have scripts and content to help this in the documentation. this is covered in the webinar, see the presentation/video.


We have provided a simplified access to the tool and is documented in "Database Setup and Management Guide", Chapter 3. "Maintaining the Database", Section "Database Segment Maintenance".

can you confirm what version we need to be on to take advantage of archiving and purging? 7.0.1 or higher?

Archive = 7.1x

Purge = 7.0.1x

Is DB partitioning supported by aveksa queries ?

Not at this time

is this Dashboard file supported on 7.1.1?

we will be creating a V 7.1.1 version for this dashboard, so yes, that would be available.

Is there a place we can see the impact on the db when we change the parameters?

Typically the changes in the parameters are seen in the Oracle Explain plan for queries, or in the performance of queries.

On Incorrect DB Params > Does the dashboard capture what the oracle AWR reporting captures ? or we may still have a need to analyze AWR reports something that does not get captured here in dashboard ?

the data is captured directly from the oracle database. The AWR is still the mother of all parameter values on the oracle side.

you keep talking about the minimum requirements, do you have documentation on the requirements based on expected users /number of collections/ number of workflows

we are working on a calculator for this, as its not a simple answer. Please sync with RSA PS if required

On SGA / PGA - are the suggested configurations are based on size of data in the env. here or are they general recommendation to have 32 GB of RAM (i.e. are the recommendations here on dashboard are dynamic ? or static ?)

The recommendations in the dashboard is comparing the current values with mimunum spec values.

A bit off topic, but are there plans to update the User Interface for Group and Account Reviews to have features like the new User Review Interface? i.e. ability to filter by each column displayed on the screen. Some of the metrics values; "Unchanged from last Review", etc.

A new risk based reviewer experience for Orphaned and Account focused reviews (similar guided experience to risk based access reviews) is planned for v8.0
This is targeted for 2nd half of 2021

Is there a recommendation / paper that gives a guidance what data elements are min 'required' Vs 'Optional' instead of going with collect everything from applications strategy - which may unnecessarily increase DB footprint ?

All the "Red flag" values captured by the dashboard are the bare-minimum "requried" values. At the moment we don't have any automated process/dashboard to show you the "optional" stuff, but we are working on it