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RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle Webinar #15 - Dec 2020: Recording and Presentation

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Hey all,

Thanks for joining another fantastic RSA IGL Webinar. 

Please find below the playback recoding, Presentation, useful links and Q&A

Huge thanks to: Michael Adler‌ for his introduction and thoughts on 2021 for RSA IGL, along with Frank Schubert‌ from Elementity for his fantastic presentation on the improvments to Elementity - Dashboards on Fire

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** #15 December - Webinar Playback Video *

Recorded playback video:


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Q&A Summary:  

Are Dashboards exportable?  From our QA to Prod Environment.  Like Applications/Collectors/Review Definitions, etc?

Yes, from the UI go to:

- "admin"

- "import/export"

From here you can easily move dashboards, charts, reports between your environments. The same goes for mostly all areas of the product you have configured. 

Regarding: EOPS of 7.1.x, would we still be able to raise support cases post end of March 2021 ?Yes, we will still take cases and assist where possible. We will not be back-porting fixes/enhancements to older versions however.
Any roadmap plans to be able to import photos from Active Directory or IDC?

We currently have the capability to import user photos via Web Services. This can be plugged into your existing process which populates the AD images to also push those images to IGL using that Web Service.

I would recommend raising an RSA Idea with your full use case and more details on how images are populated on AD in your case and how you would ideally like to propagate them to IGL: RSA Ideas for RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle 

Does RSA 7.5 have support to render the reviews home page on Mobile devices?

Reviews on a mobile device is not an easy thing to acheive, due to the amount of data you need to display and the size of a mobile screen. 

This might work OK on a tablet however.