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RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle Webinar #4 (Oct) Recording and Presentation

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Hey all,


Thanks to those who could join, it was our biggest attendance to date - recording link is found below, along with Q&A and the presentation is attached too.

We are always looking to make this huddle better, so keep the feedback coming and let us know below (good/bad) what you think of this huddle - I would love to hear from you.... or you can email me:  

Huge thanks to Doug Howard, Megan Olvera and Becca Collins for joining me this month!

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  • Date: 27th November 2019
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Q&A Summary:  





Do you see IGL going full cloud like Okta?Yes, we have the ability to deploy in AWS today


Does RSA have any input into the criteria used by Industry Analysts? For example, a revenue dollar measure would have been more reasonable by Gartner than their new client criteria.Yes, we have visibility into the criteria and can/will follow up offline, thanks


Are the different delivery methods (For training) priced differently?yes, Megan can provide details on the price differences.  For example, onsite site customer training is available but costs more than remote learning.  The RSA Education link that Megan provided provides direct feedback on pricing


Are there certification tests that can be taken w/o training? I ask because I have been working with IGL for the past 4 yearsAbsolutely! you can take the sample test today and see how you get on. Then you can take the full exam if you need. Please see the certification Link found above


WHat resources are available for RFP responses? Who can I engage with on the IG+L team?please contact who can help find the correct team based on your region


Are you offering any lab-based exams ?Not at this point, however we are potentially looking into this next year.


How do keep the certification? Is there a CPE requirement?We use Pearson View for our training certification which lasts for 2 years


Are there any IG&L courses planned to be in-person in EMEA with a teacher?Only online at the moment, however we are more then happy to do in person, in EMEA if necessary. Please contact


Would Becca be willing to share her questionnaire format?RSA has published similar documents, found here


Any tips about lifecycle for non-human accounts? When the "owner" moves or when the "owner" leaves the organization?Great question! we have start this. Feedback and suggestions can be found here


Are "temp workers" treated the same as "third party vendor" access?  Meaning not handled via HR systemYes - this is correct


 How may staff members support the RSA IGL app

[Answered Live - see recording]

There is a team of 2 dedicated and then a few others who help with other processes


Did this project decrease the size of the Access Management team?

[Answered Live - see recording]

The teams got assigned to other activities overall


what kind of recertifications campaigns you are running ?

[Answered Live - see recording]

Various throughout the year


Also, do you use any kind of Rules i.e user access or SoD ?

[Answered Live - see recording]

Not yet, but we hope to once upgraded


Do have plans to upgrade to 7.1.1 soon?

[Answered Live - see recording]

yes, very soon!


Whats the certification cost

Peason View charages around $150 per exam test