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RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle Webinar #5 (Nov/Dec) Recording and Presentation

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Hey all,

Thanks for joining! Video and presentation found below.


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Huge thanks to Suresh Sivananthan‌ from Dell Tech for his presentation plus Q&A

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  • Date: Wed 29th Jan 2020
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  • Agenda
    • Introduction and welcome, with the RSA VP of Identity, Jim Ducharme 
    • RSA Solution, License Managment 
      • Detailed walkthrough and information on this RSA Blueprint
    • Q&A


Q&A Summary:  





[Dashboards] I there any option yet when defining user scope, e.g. who can see a particular xxxx (not just dashboards), whether a dashboard is displayed, etc. to compare attribute(s) of operating (i.e. logged in) user against target user(s)?

Absolutly! all dashboards can be locked down to specific users or dynmacailly based on access/attributes. you can also update based on who is logged in.

More info here: 


[Dell Customer Presentation] Is it possible to see a demo of the SNOW integration with IG&L?Yes, we hope to complete a deep-dive on this going into 2020


[Dell Customer Presentation] Is SNOW being used as the front end for requests and attestations or just requests?Yes, SNOW is the front end for all end-user/business requests overall. However RSA IGL does all the back end processing for acecss requests.


[Dell Customer Presentation] As our company starts implementing Roles,  would Dell be open to a session/conversation on this?We can absolutly look into this, either as a 1-1 on during a webinar with an open Q&A/round-table session


[Dell Customer Presentation] How is Dell Tech collecting identites from end points such as servers or workstations?

They are looking into Datareach.

more info found here:


Is it possible to see examples of REST API integrations in use by customer, as well as provision/deprovision through Azure? This would help show that we can further develop this product in our environment.This is coming as a built-in connector/collector in the up coming version v7.2


[Dell Customer Presentation] One of the challanges we've seen when switching to the ServiceNow as a frontend is that certain information is not present and that its required to proceed in the process.

When having the form in RSA IGL we can ensure the information is provided, did you have any of these issue and perhaps some good resolutions for this gap?

Answered Live in the webinar


The text on the diagram showing the config @ Dell was fuzzy on my end, please send the full res document by email if possible. Very interested to see details about the server and database config of how Dell itself is using their 7.1.1 and contrast that with our own use of 7.1.1 thanks.Sorry about that, the presentation is attached


is everything dell is doing autoprovisioned or are some items manually provisioned?answered live (mix)


How often do you collect the application data into IGL?answered live (daily)