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RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle Webinar #6 - Jan 2020: Recording and Presentation

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Hey all,

Thanks for joining as we kicked off the year! Video, Q&A and presentation can be found below.


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Huge thanks to Sean Miller‌, Clive Morrish‌ and James Ducharme‌ for joining me this month

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Q&A Summary:  





Will the retention of telemetry data be configurable?Its lightweight, so we keep everything at the moment, due to the low impact. So not at the moment


Will the license page only display when you log in with AveksaAdmin or will it display for any user that is set up as a system admin in IG&L?Only for the AveksaAdmin users, however, any user with AveksaAdmin rights, can also get to this information if necessary. 


How about that Diagnostics tab, is it only available only on aveksaadmin?No, this is also available to any user that has AveksaAdmin privileges also or has been given access to that page - you can assign this view as a permission if needed. 


How frequent RSA Engineers will be giving feed back to us on the data?We will assess the data we get back and work things out from there. 


Can we have the exact release date of IGL 7.2? Hope this covers the new REST API collection along with data analysis.Planned for early of Feb 2020, It will have both Rest API and this data analysis included.


How about a "right to forget" where the customer can push to RSA a request to delete telemetry that's been stored. The idea of by default everything goes on your permanent record and you never get a say in who keeps it and for how long is a big problem for persons and now with this sort of thing, for corporations as well.As of today you have to request, however we will look into introducing some data retention time period so older data just falls off and if you stop new data then it will phase out


About license solution, how will this effect Role-Assignment if license packages are in but amount of license available are exceed ? (additional approvals, request on hold ?)

We have not tested this out yet. However, it would really depend on whether the additional approval node (License Solution) is added to the workflow processing Roles. If yes, my expectation is that it would hold the entire request until the License Owner approval has been provided.


are the dashboards only available for admin or can it be delegated to end-usersThey can be assigned to anyone you want, directly or dynamically, based on their role (eg. anyone in "location = UK" or "department = finance or "in AD group = ABC"


Sorry that this is only tangentially related but, you mentioned this being shared as something importable, but in the past at least, we’ve been told that export/import isn’t meant to be used between environments. Has that changed?

This shouldn't be an issue. 

I have only seen import/export "issues" with regards to specific values that are carried over, eg. you move a collector that was pointing to DEV on UAT and then need to update to PROD for the Prod deployment. This license solution is not effected by this. The only thing to consider if that some attributes need to sync up, however this is all covered in the run book for the solution. 


Can you add the license cost as a factor in order to get a monetary value included?We can look into this if of interest, to help show ROI and cost saving. 


So we're talking about License counts for applications, not the user count for the RSA license itself?We are talking about the number of licenses you have and how many accounts you have assigned on that application. 


is the license limit by role or business source or either?Either, at an overall application level or for a granular entitlement level within that application. 


Is the License Limit treated as a rule?No, it is not. It uses it own logic and processes, outside of rules.


can you please show how it will looks like for the enduser if an request is rejected ?Sorry we didn't have time to do this, we can setup a demo for anyone who wants more info. just email me:


Did I miss it - where is the "used" count held? or is it recalculated every time it is needed for a report/dashboard?This is calculated dynamically with the reports/dashboards for you