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RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle Webinar #9 - April 2020: Recording and Presentation

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Hey all,

Thanks for joining another great RSA IGL Webinar. 

Hugh thanks to:Najeeb Peracha, Russell Waliszewski‌, Clive Morrish‌ and Frank Schubert‌ for joining me on the webinar this month!

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We need your help to keep improving our webinar, this can be done by completing the following survey monkey, which is based on the first 4 webinars in 2020 so far: RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle (RSA IGL) Survey 


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Q&A Summary:  

I see your poll question. I'm curious how often support case details and resolutions are turned into RSA Link content. My suspicion is that this does not take place very often. I would hope that every time a case becomes a JIRA that it would do so.We look at resolved Cases as well as JIRAs to determine if a KB article is needed for those.  Usually a KB is authored if we think it is something others will/could encounter.  As a recent initiative, KB articles are now being authored proactively for issues that may not have been resolved yet so that customers may become aware of those as known issues. Additionally, we are in the process of running through a KB clean-up initiative.  We are reviewing older KBs and updating them with any current data to keep/continue relevance.
Are there going to be improvements in responses from Engineering? it’s been my experience that they take 3 - 6 before there is any response if a case goes to themDepending on the severity and priority of issue, and a problem type (reproducible or not), it may take a bit longer time to resolve some issues. We have been working diligently with Engineering to improve this process.  We have incorporated a weekly review of Cases along with a prioritization process to help critical issues get the quickest attention.  In parallel, we are in the process of addressing the oldest Cases as well to insure that "in the end" we only have current critical issues that need to be addressed.
From RSA 7.2 -> Found that AFX Oracle connector was failing. Are you testing all these connectors as part of functional testing. Patch 01 fixed it.. but we need to go ahead & change the Go-Live date for this fix as we are using about 190 connector using this...We have CI automation as well to test the endpoints.  Usually where we see issues is just different versions of the endpoint.  For example, our lab is mainly testing Oracle 12 right now.  We are constantly adding more endpoints/versions to our lab but yes in general, our functional testing for the release does some testing of all endpoints.