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RSA IGL Recipes: Report - Review Results - Outstanding Items Application List

RSA IGL Version: V 7.2.x

Modules: Governance

Product Area: Tabular Reports - Dynamic (Applied to Review Results Object Dashboard)

Associated Dashboard: 

Time to apply: ~20 minutes



This report provides details on all the reviewers, who still have outstanding items left to be completed. 

The goal of this report is to provide clear information on outstanding review activity, with easy to understand metrics. 

The report can be used by Review owners or the admin team to better understand the reviewers overall and which ones to potentially focus on. 

This report will only work when it is applied dynamically to the Review Results object dashboard.


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Key Notes

  • This chart/report/dashboard is supplied "as is" - any modification of this item is done at your own risk. 
  • If you have issues applying this chart/report/dashboard, please comment below for help, DO NOT contact the RSA Support team.
  • If you would like more assistance with this chart/report/dashboard or for help in creating other chart/report/dashboards, then RSA Professional Services (RSA PS) is available to help.
    • Please contact your RSA Account Manager or local RSA Sales Rep or reply below for further assistance.



This report includes various key data points about application in the review. The report is sorted by "None", so applications with the most items to be completed, will be at the top. 

If an Application has completed all their review items, they are dropped from this list.

  • Total Items  = The total number of review items, for the business source listed
  • Maintain = The total number of items set to "maintain"for the business source listed
  • Revoke = Thetotal number of items set to "revoke"for the business source listed
  • None = The total number of items still not reviewedfor the business source listed
  • Reviewed = The % remaining of items to be reviewedfor the business source listed


Report Dynamic Values

The following value needs to be used when creating the report, however the value will update dyncamilly when used within the dashboard.

  • TargetObjectID: This is used dynamically within the review itself, the value will automatically be updated, whenever you view a new review result. When viewing the report, you need to give it some value, so it can work against something. Please go to a review you have and find its "OID". Use this value in the TargetObjectID, so the report has something to use. 

How to find an Example Target Object ID:

  • Go to Review/Results
  • Select any review (pick one that has been worked on, so there are some results)
  • Once the review is open, look at the URL.
  • The value you want is found just after "OID=" and then before the "&"
  • In this example, the value we want is 25


Report SQL

First test this in your query tool (SQLDeveloper, Toad etc..)


(select * from(
    App_Alt_Name as "Business Source",
    total as "Total Items",
    round(((("Revoke" + "Maintain") / Total) * 100),0) || '%' as "Reviewed",
    round((("None"/Total) * 100),0) || '%' as "Not Reviewed" 
        count(*) as total,
        sum(decode(lower(state), 'none', 1, 0)) as "None",
        sum(decode(state, 'Revoke', 1, 0)) as "Revoke",
        sum(decode(state, 'Maintain', 1, 0)) as "Maintain"
    from avuser.pv_review_component 
    where review_id =:TargetObjectID
    group by application_name, App_Alt_Name
where  "None" >0
order by "None" desc


Example of the results:



Report Implementation

  1. Log into RSA IGL as a user who can create reports. In my example, im using AveksaAdmin
  2. Go to "Reports" / "Tabular"
  3. Select "+ Create Report" button
  4. Under the "General Tab" add the following details:
    • Name: Review Results - Outstanding Items Application List
    • Title: Outstanding Application Items
    • Description: From RSA IGL Link Community.A list of all review applications, which still have items outstanding. This report is dynamic and applied at the review results topic dashboard level. The report is dynamic and only works when applied within a "review results" object dashboard.
    • Scope: System
    • Page Size: 11X17
    • Orientation: Landscape

  5. Under the "Query" Tab, copy the SQL from above
  6. Update the TargetObjectID as noted above
  7. In the bottom bar, press the "Style" button. "Slate" is a good recommendation for reports
  8. Press the "Preview" button, you should see some results, as per the example image below.
    If you get an error at this stage, please test your SQL in a Query tool, like "SQL Developer" or "SQL Squirrel" to ensure it works first. 
    If it still doesn't work, please share your SQL and a screen shot of the issue below. DO NOT contact RSA Support 
  9. Under the "Columns" Tab, please use the configuration shown in the image below. You can change the order or remove any fields you do not require. Please update the SQL if there are other application attributes you want to use in the report. We recommend you get this report working first, before you modify/update the SQL however. 

  10. Under the "Display Attributes" tab, please use the configuration shown in the image below.
    Note: Some of the "Summary" options have been selected to show "Count" or "Sum" results as well.

  11. Nothing has been set on the "Filter", "Grouping & Sorting" or "Schedule and Email" tabs
  12. Save the report


Next Steps


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