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SecurID Governance & Lifecycle - Fundamentals


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This OnDemand Learning course introduces the main concepts and features of SecurID Governance and Lifecycle.

This course expresses business risks involved throughout organizations and presents the main features across a variety of functions, capabilities, and operations available in the application (v7.5.2).

It also demonstrates how application components interact with each other and how they address encompassed risks. It also presents features that are available in the SID G&L Cloud Solution.


Anyone who is interested in SecurID Governance & Lifecycle features and functionality.

Delivery Type
On-Demand Learning

2 Hours

Prerequisite Knowledge/Skills

SecurID Governance and Lifecycle - Product Overview


Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Introduce SecurID Governance and Lifecycle Cloud and the benefits of the cloud.
  • Identify main identity management risks and organizational requirements.
  • Differentiate between the main application modules and their benefits
  • Define main application components and features and demonstrate application's purpose, functions, and capabilities.
  • Determine details of the application's phased approach towards identity management and how components interact with each other.
  • Elaborate on how application components address identity management risks.
  • Gain insights and guidance on which modules and components meet your organization's requirements.


Course Outline

1- Introduction to Identity Management

  • Overview

2- Governance

  • Data Collectors
  • Access Reviews
  • Granular Scheduling
  • Rules’ configuration
  • Analytics

3- Lifecycle

  • Request Management
  • Automated Fulfillment Express (AFX)
  • Rules
  • Password Administration

4- Business Role Manager (BRM)

  • BRM - Overview

5- Data Access Governance (DAG)

  • DAG - Overview

6- Intro to Cloud Solution

  • Features and options that are extra in the cloud solution.

7- Addressing your Organization’s Needs

  • Risk Intelligence Index





Access Training
for SecurID Employees

Access Training
for Customers/Partners



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