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SecurID Governance and Lifecycle I - Administration


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This training course provides an overview of the concepts, processes, and procedures necessary to successfully use, configure and administer SecurID Governance and Lifecycle.  

It is intended to give new SID G&L administrators a foundation of knowledge to build applications, collectors, configure reviews, create reports and dashboards, and understand the fundamentals of access request module (version 7.5.2).  



  • Customers
  • Internal
  • Anyone who is interested in administration of the SecurID Governance and Lifecycle product

Delivery Type

  • Classroom
  • Virtual Classroom
  • On-Demand Classroom (self-paced classroom experience)



  • Classroom & Virtual Classroom : 4 days 
  • On-Demand Classroom (Self-Paced including 20 Hours of Lab Time for a 30 days Period)


Prerequisite Knowledge/Skills
It is recommended that students complete the following courses prior to taking this training:


Learning Objectives
Upon successful completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Identify What’s New with 7.5.2 of SecurID G&L.
  • Navigate within SecurID Governance and Lifecycle system.
  • Configure the basic administration and system settings.
  • Configure and run Identity, Account and Entitlement Collectors, and configure Unification settings on collected user data.
  • Setup an authentication source to provide users with login access to the system.
  • Configure and perform User Access Certification Reviews.
  • Create and Configure Reports, Charts and Dashboards to make the system more easily usable.
  • Understand the main components of Change Requests and identify how they are driven by Workflows.
  • Create Change Requests and follow required activities towards request completion.
  • Configure and process basic Out-of-the-Box rules, notifications and workflows.


Course Outline

  • 1- Welcome:
    • Course Objectives
    • Table of Contents
    • Agenda for Each Day
    • Download the Lab Guide
    • Access Your Lab Environment
  • 2- Introduction to SecurID Governance and Lifecycle:
    • General Overview 
    • Product Family Overview
    • Meeting Business Challenges
    • SID GL Architecture Overview
    • Case Study Introduction (Prestige Company) 
  • 3- Administration Overview:
    • Application Services 
    • Console and Menus Overview 
    • AveksaAdmin Account and Admin Menu 
  • 4- Data Collection Planning:
    • Application Objects 
    • Attribute Management 
  • 5- Data Collection:
    • Business Sources 
    • Data Collection 
    • Granular Scheduling in 7.5.2
    • Identity Data Collector and Data Unification 
    • Accounts 
    • Entitlements and Business Descriptions 



  • 6- End-User Options and Authentication:
    • Delegated Authentication and Application Privileges 
    • Authentication Source Enhancements in 7.5.2
    • User Picture
  • 7- Email and Notification Settings:
    • Email and Notifications Overview  
  • 8- Introduction to Access Request Manager:
    • ARM Overview 
    • Workflows 
  • 9- Access Reviews:
    • Reviews Overview
    • Review Types
    • Review Definition
    • Review Process Components
    • Review Interfaces Overview
    • Running and Performing Reviews
  • 10- Rules:
    • SID G&L Rules Overview
    • Rule Types
    • Rule Components
    • Rule Configurations
  • 11- Reports, Charts and Dashboards:
    • Overview
    • Reports and Charts 
    • Dashboards
  • 12- Capstone Structured Experience:
    • Apply acquired knowledge on another use case



Access Training
for SecurID Employees

Access Training
for Customers/Partners



If you need further assistance, contact us


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