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Array Networks SPX - RADIUS with AM Configuration - RSA Ready SecurID Access Implementation Guide

This section describes how to integrate Array Networks SPX with RSA Authentication Manager using RADIUS.

Architecture Diagram


Configure RSA Authentication Manager

To configure your RSA Authentication Manager for use with a RADIUS Agent, you must configure a RADIUS client and a corresponding agent host record in the Authentication Manager Security Console.

The relationship of agent host record to RADIUS client in the Authentication Manager can 1 to 1, 1 to many or 1 to all (global).

RSA Authentication Manager listens on ports UDP 1645 and UDP 1812.


Configure Array Networks SPX

Perform these steps to configure Array Networks SPX as a RADIUS client to RSA Authentication Manager.

Note: Before proceeding please ensure that a SSL VPN Virtual Site is already created.


  1. Log on to your Array Networks administrative interface.

  2. From the Mode radio button, select Config.

  3. Click on the drop-down just above the Home button, select the virtual site where Radius needs to be configured.

  4. From the left side panel click SITE CONFIGURATION -> AAA.

  5. Click Server -> RADIUS.

  6. Enter the Server Name and Description. Once the Server Name is added, double click on it to Add Radius Server.

  7. On the bottom pane, click Add RADIUS Server.

  8. Double click on the added radius server and enter the following details:

    1. Server IP: Enter the radius server ip.

    2. Server Port: 1812

    3. Secret Password: Shared password set during Configure RSA Authentication Manager section.

    4. Timeout: 8

    5. Redundancy Order: 1

    6. Retries: Any number less than 65,535. In this case 3.

    7. Accounting Port: 1813

  9. Click Save.

  10. Click Method tab and then click Add Method link

  11. Enter the Method Name, Method Description (optional) and from the Authentication drop-down select the Radius server created above.



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