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Authentication Agent Configuration - Keeper Password Manager 14.4 - RSA Ready SecurID Access Implementation Guide

This section describes how to integrate RSA SecurID Access with Keeper Password Manager as an authentication agent.

Architecture Diagram


RSA Authentication Manager

To configure your RSA Authentication Manager for use with an authentication agent, you must create an agent host record in the Security Console of your Authentication Manager and download its configuration file (sdconf.rec).

Agent host record configuration differs slightly depending on whether you are using a UDP-based agent (using 8.1.x or earlier RSA Agent API) or TCP-based agent (using 8.5 or newer RSA Agent API).

If UDP-based agent:

  • Hostname: Configure the agent host record name to match the hostname of the agent.
  • IP Address: Configure the agent host record to match the IP address of the agent.

Note:  Authentication Manager must be able to resolve the IP address from the hostname

If TCP-based agent:

  • Hostname: Configure the agent host record name to match the agent name as specified in the agent's configuration. It does not have to match the hostname of the authentication agent.
  • IP Address: Leave blank. Any input to this field will be disregarded.


Keeper Password Manager

Perform these steps to configure Keeper Password Manageras an authentication agent to RSA Authentication Manager.


Important! Work with Keeper Security support team to enable back-end setup before performing these steps.

1. Sign in to Keeper Password Manager using an administrator account and click to open Settings.


2. Open the Security tab and click to enable Two-Factor Authentication.


3. Click to enable RSA SecurID.


4. Enter your RSA SecurID username and passcode and click Next.


Configuration is complete.


SecurID Agent Integration Details

RSA Authentication Agent API8.1.3.0 build 567
RSA SecurID Authentication API (REST)N/A
RSA SecurID User SpecificationDesignated Users
Display RSA Server InfoNo
Perform Test AuthenticationNo
Agent TracingNo
Agent FilesLocation
sdconf.recIn Keeper Security Cloud
sdopts.recIn Keeper Security Cloud
Node secretIn Keeper Security Cloud
sdstatus.12 / jastatus.12In Keeper Security Cloud

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