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Cisco Umbrella - SecurID Access Implementation Guide

Cisco Umbrella - SecurID Access Implementation Guide

Certified: April 31, 2021


Solution Summary

Use Case

When integrated, Cisco Umbrella end users must authenticate with RSA SecurID Access to sign in. Cisco Umbrella can integrate using SSO Agent or Relying Party.


Integration Types

SSO Agent integrations use SAML 2.0 or HFED technologies to direct users’ web browsers to Cloud Authentication Service for authentication. SSO Agents also provide Single Sign-On to other applications using the RSA Application Portal.

Relying party integrations use SAML 2.0 to direct users’ web browsers to Cloud Authentication Service for authentication.


Supported Features

This section shows all of the supported features by integration type and by RSA SecurID Access component. Use this information to determine which integration type and which RSA SecurID Access component your deployment will use. The next section in this guide contains the steps to integrate RSA SecurID Access with Umbrella for each integration type.


Cisco  Umbrella Integration with RSA Cloud Authentication Service

Authentication Methods Authentication API


Relying Party



RSA SecurID - - -
LDAP Password - - -
Authenticate Approve - - -
Authenticate Tokencode - - -
Device Biometrics - - -
SMS Tokencode - - -
Voice Tokencode - - -
FIDO Token n/a n/a -
Identity Assurance - - - -  


Cisco Umbrella Integration with RSA Authentication Manager

Authentication Methods Authentication API RADIUS Authentication Agent
RSA SecurID - - -
On-Demand Authentication - - -
Risk-Based Authentication n/a - -


- Not supported
n/t Not yet tested or documented, but may be possible.
n/a Not applicable

Configuration Summary

Cisco Umbrella is the enterprise network security product suite designed to enforce security policies for mobile employees who work beyond the corporate network using roaming devices like laptops, mobiles etc. and provides granular network security for all devices behind the network perimeter. IT administrators can define policies, provision devices, and view reports across users, sites, networks, groups, and devices. The company also launched the Security Graph which is a data-driven threat intelligence engine that automatically updates malware, botnet, phishing domain and IP blacklists enforced time to time. Cisco Umbrella does not provide feature of auto-provisioning the user


The following links provide instructions on how to integrate Cisco Umbrella with RSA SecurID Access.

This document is not intended to suggest optimum installations or configurations. It assumes that the reader has both working knowledge of all products involved, and the ability to perform the tasks outlined in this section. Administrators should have access to the product documentation for all products in order to install the required components. All RSA SecurID Access and Cisco  Umbrella components must be installed and working prior to the integration.


Integration Configuration


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Date of testing: April 31, 2021

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