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Coralogix - SAML SSO Agent Configuration - SecurID Access Implementation Guide

This section describes how to integrate SecurID Access with Coralogix using a SAML SSO Agent.

Architecture Diagram



Configure SecurID Access Cloud Authentication Service

Perform these steps to configure SecurID Access Cloud Authentication Service(CAS) as an SSO Agent SAML IdP to Coralogix.


  1. Sign into the SecurID Access Cloud Administration Console and browse to Applications > Application Catalog.

  2. Click on Create From Template then click Select for SAML Direct.

  3. On Basic Information page enter a Name for the application, ie. Coralogix Then click on Next Step.

  4. On Connection Profile page.

      1. Choose IDP-Initiated.



    1. In Connection URL enter the <tid> provided from your Coralogix account.
    2. Note the Identity Provider URL and Issuer Entity ID. These values are automatically generated. They may be needed later for the configuration of Coralogix.



    3. Click on Generate Cert Bundle, set a a common name for your company certificate. Then click Generate and Download .

    4. Select Choose File and upload the private key from the generated certificate bundle.

    5. Select Choose File and upload the cert from the generated certificate bundle.

    6. Select Include Certificate on Outgoing Assertion.

    7. Scroll down to Service Provider section.

    8. For the Assertion Consumer Service (ACS) Enter the value for the Assertion Consumer Service (ACS) copied from in the Coralogix configuration. For example,

    9. For the Audience (Service Provider Issuer ID) . Enter the value for the Service Provider Entity ID copied from in the Coralogix configuration. For example,



    10. Scroll down to User Identity section.

    11. Ensure Identifier Type = Email Address, set your Identity Source and Property = mail.



    12. Click Next Step.

  5. On User Access page select the Access Policy you require. Allow All Authenticated Users is the least restrictive. Click Next Step.



  6. On Portal Display Page.

    1. Select Display in Portal.

    2. Upload an Application Icon if you wish.

    3. Set an Application Tooltip if you wish.

    4. Click on Save and Finish.

  7. For this new Connector, click on the down arrow next to the Edit button and Export Metadata to save off the IDP metadata information for configuration of Coralogix.

  8. Click on Publish Changes. Your application is now enabled for SSO. If you make any additional changes to the application configuration you will need to republish.




Configure Coralogix

Perform these steps to integrate Coralogix as an SSO Agent SAML SP to SecurID Access Cloud Authentication Service.


  1. Sign into Coralogix Dashboard.

  2. Click on the Profile Icon.

  3. Click on Settings.

  4. Click on Configure SAML tab.

  5. Copy the Service Provider Entity ID this is used in the configuration needed for SecurID configuration.

  6. Copy the Assertion Consumer Service (ACS) this is used in the configuration needed for SecurID configuration.

  7. Click on Change IdP metadata file to upload the exported IDP Metadata saved above during SecurID CAS configuration.

  8. Save changes.

Configuration is complete.

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