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Quickbase - SAML Relying Party Configuration - RSA Ready SecurID Access Implementation Guide

Quickbase - SAML Relying Party Configuration - RSA Ready SecurID Access Implementation Guide

This section describes how to integrate RSA SecurID Access with Quickbase using Relying Party. Relying party uses SAML 2.0 to integrate RSA SecurID Access as a SAML Identity Provider (IdP) to Quickbase SAML Service Provider (SP).

Architecture Diagram



Configure RSA Cloud Authentication Service

Perform these steps to configure RSA Cloud Authentication Service as a relying party SAML IdP to Quickbase .


  1. Sign into the RSA Cloud Administration Console and browse to Authentication Clients > Relying Parties and click Add a Relying Party.





  2. On Basic Information page enter a Name for the application, ie. Quickbase Then click on Next Step.

  3. On Authentication page

    1. select the RSA SecurID Access manages all authentication

    2. Select the desired Primary Authentication Method from the dropdown list.

    3. Select the desired policy from the Access Policy for Additional Authentication.

    4. Click Next Step



  4. On Connection Profile page

    1. Enter the Assertion Consumer Service (ACS) based on your domain https://<DOMAIN>/saml/SSOAssert.aspx of your instance of Quickbase For example Additional information can be found in the Quickbase documentation.

    2. Enter the Service Provider Entity ID) for your instance of Quickbase.This is the Quickbase-SAM

    3. Click on Download Certificate

    4. Click on Choose File and upload the certificate just downloaded.  This same certificate will be used in the Quickbase configuration below.

    5. Open Advanced Configuration section and note the Identity Provider Entity ID field . For Example :

    6. Click on Save and Finish



  5. Browse to Authentication Clients > Relying Parties

  6. Scroll down to the your newly created Relying party and click down error next to Edit and choose View or Download IdP MetatData



  7. Click on Publish Changes. Your application is now enabled for SSO. If you make any additional changes to the application configuration you will need to republish.



Configure Quickbase

Perform these steps to integrate Quickbase with RSA SecurID Access as a Relying Party SAML SP.


  1. Sign into Quickbase and browse to Settings > Single Sign On

  2. Using the Identity Provider URL from configuration above, copy URL into Issuer andSingle Sign On (SSO) url fields

  3. Open the certificate, from the certificate bundle created above, in notepad and copy the value NOT including the BEGIN/END CERTIFICATE comments and paste into the Public x509 Certificate field.

  4. Click on Save.

Configuration is complete.

See main page for more certification information.

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