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Radiant Logic RadiantOne FID 7.3.12 - SecurID Access Implementation Guide

Radiant Logic RadiantOne FID 7.3.12 - SecurID Access Implementation Guide

Certified: March 25th, 2021


Solution Summary

This guide describes Radiant Logic RadiantOne FID integration with SecurID Access. Radiantone FID includes a local LDAP storage known as the Highly-available Directory Access Protocol (HDAP) Store, a fully compliant LDAP v3 directory. HDAP Store can be configured as an identity source to both SecurID Access Authentication Manager and Cloud Authentication Service.


Configuration Summary

The following link provides instructions on how to integrate Radiant Logic RadiantOne FID with SecurID Access.

This document is not intended to suggest optimum installations or configurations. It assumes the reader has both working knowledge of all products involved, and the ability to perform the tasks outlined in this section. Administrators should have access to the product documentation for all products in order to install the required components. All SecurID Access and Radiant Logic RadiantOne FID components must be installed and working prior to the integration.

Integration Configuration


Certification Details

Date of testing: March 25th, 2021

SecurID Access Authentication Manager 8.5, Virtual Appliance

SecurID Access Cloud Authentication Service

Radiant Logic RadiantOne FID 7.3.12, Windows Server 2016


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