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RADIUS with CAS Configuration - WALLIX Bastion RSA Ready SecurID Access Implementation Guide

This section contains instructions on how to integrate WALLIXBastion with RSA Cloud Authentication Service using RADIUS.

Architecture Diagram


RSA Cloud Authentication Service

To configure RADIUS for Cloud Authentication Service for use with a RADIUS client, you must first configure a RADIUS client in the RSA SecurID Access Console.

Logon to the RSA Cloud Administrative Console and browse to Authentication Clients > RADIUS > Add RADIUS Client and enter the Name, IP Address and Shared Secret.

Click Publish.


WALLIX Bastion

Follow the steps in this section to configure WALLIX Bastion as a RADIUS client to RSA Cloud Authentication Service.


1. Sign in to Wallix Bastion Administrative user interface and browse to Configuration > External Authentication and click to add a new RADIUS server.

2. Configure the RADIUS server settings and click Apply.


  • Authentication Name: Enter a descriptive name for the RSA Identity Router.
  • Server: Enter the hostname or IP address of the RSA Identity Router.
  • Port: Enter 1812.
  • Secret: Enter the RADIUS shared secret to match as specified in the RSA Cloud Administration Console.

3. Repeat steps 1-2 for replica RSA Identity Routers.


Next Step: Proceed to the Use Case section for information on how to apply the RADIUS configuration to the use case.

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