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SECOND REMINDER: RSA Authenticator 4.3 for iOS and Android – Coming Soon with New Look and More


As already communicated in May and in June, RSA will soon release Authenticator 4.3 App for iOS and Android with significant updates. While this was initially scheduled for mid-August, the app should now be published to Android/Apple App Stores from  September 11, 2023, in order to pass the holiday season, including US Labor Day weekend.

  • The app will be renamed as RSA Authenticator for iOS and Android from the current name, SecurID Authenticator. The app will be released with new logo and color schemes.
  • The new release will support Code Matching for Approve push notifications to help customers mitigate the risk of MFA Fatigue Attack (also known as Push Bombing, or Prompt Bombing). 

New Name and Design for App

As part of the renaming initiative, all RSA applications will be renamed starting with Authenticator 4.3 app for iOS and Android.

Product Name:

  • The full name for the app will be 'RSA Authenticator for iOS and Android'.
  • Alternative reference to the application, used on device screen/under the jewel app, will continue to be 'Authenticator', as introduced with V4.1 of the App, released in May 2022.

App Screen

All screens of the Authenticator app include the RSA logo, as shown below.



App Icon

  • The app icon is changing, from JCLaurent_1-1685028438762.pngto  JCLaurent_2-1685028438763.png.  
  • To ease the transition for users, and to make sure that all are formally aware of this change, RSA has put in place the following mechanism:
    • V4.3 of the app will be published on App Stores using the 'old' iconSaneesh_3-1690609430633.png


      At installation, V4.3 will appear with the 'old' iconSaneesh_4-1690609430648.png


    • However, at launch time, the user will be presented with a screen explaining RSA is changing the app icon showing the old Icon and the new icon.
    • Once this notice is acknowledged by the user, the app Icon will be programmatically changed/modified seamlessly, and the app will appear on the device home screen with the new icon.






Code Matching 

With V4.3, new configuration options will be available to Client Administrator in Cloud Authentication Service, to allow adding Code Matching feature to Approve push notification. Code Matching is a two-step process:

  • A code is included in the Authentication interface.
  • Users will be prompted to either enter or select this code on the Notification received on their Mobile Authenticator, before Approve push notification, as shown below.

Note: Code Matching is only supported for Approve push notification. Support for Biometric push notification will be introduced at a later stage.










For customers maintaining their own user-facing internal documentation for using RSA applications, here is a collection of images for various screens of the app. 

  • Installation Screen



  • License Agreement Screen



  • Information Notice on Icon change



  • Notification on Icon change



  • Home Screen



  • Credential Import Notification



  • Approve Pushed Notification



  • Approve Pushed Notification with Visual Code Matching



  • Approve Pushed Notification with Input Code Matching



  • Approve Pushed Notification with Selection Code Matching




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