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Introduction to SecurID Access Architecture


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This on-demand learning presents a technical description of the components used in an SecurID Access system; how the components are used to accomplish user authentication and resource protection; and the communication paths, processes, and protocols between the components.


IT and System Engineers who are tasked with evaluating or deployment planning for SecurID Access or who otherwise need to understand the SecurID Access architecture.


Delivery Type
On-Demand Learning


60 minutes


Prerequisite Knowledge/Skills
Students should have familiarity with the concepts of: strong (multi-factor) user authentication, cloud applications, single sign-on, and networking communication basics.

It is helpful for students of this course to also view the "Introduction to the SecurID Access Solution" Course.


Learning Objectives
Upon successful completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Identify the major components of the SecurID Access system
  • Identify the components supporting multi-factor authentication and application of single sign-on
  • Identify the connections made between SecurID Access components and understand component communication paths and protocols
  • Understand the portals and consoles within SecurID Access and the functionality of each.


Course Outline

System Components

  • Overall SecurID Architecture
  • Hybrid Structure
  • Cloud Authentication Service
  • Identity Router
  • SecurID Authentication Manager
  • Authentication Manager Web Tier
  • Authentication Agents
  • SecurID Authentication Manager and Cloud Authentication Service

Component Platforms

  • SecurID Authentication Manager Servers
  • SecurID Identity Routers – Standalone
  • SecurID Identity Routers – Embedded
  • Authentication Agents

System communication

  • Component communication paths
  • Protocols used
  • Data flow

Communication Paths

  • Communication Paths
  • Traditional SecurID Tokens
  • Using the SecurID App (MFA)
  • Requiring Additional Step-up Authentication to the Application Portal
  • RADIUS Authentication
  • SecurID Authentication Manager Failover
  • Cloud Authentication Service Failover
  • Agent Offline Authentication

Portals and Consoles

  • Application Portal
  • My Page Portal
  • SecurID Authentication Manager Self-Service Console
  • Cloud Administration Console






Access Training
for SecurID Employees

Access Training
for Customers/Partners



If you need further assistance, contact us


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