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Archer Training Credits (or Training Units)


Training Credits (also known as Training Units) are a great option for organizations who choose to include Archer training for their teams but who may not quite know just yet how best to choose which training for which person. By including x-number of training credits/units in their purchase, they'll be able to lock in the price for those credits and will have a full 12 months* of time to decide how to use them.

*Important to note - all training purchases expire 12 months from the date of sale. Definitely loop in someone from Archer Academy in your training discussions to help narrow down your scope and ensure you purchase the right amount to cover your needs (but not so many that they'll go to waste.)

When you're ready to make use of the training credits (example - your new Archer Admin has just been hired and you'd like to set that person up for success by having them take Archer Admin I), reach out to us. We'll help that person with the necessary account creation, and will be able to allocate your purchased training credits to that person. Engaging us in this process helps to ensure that someone in the department down the hall from you doesn't sneak away and use up the credits that your group has specifically paid for. 😉

Curious to know how to purchase credits, or want to get a start on budgeting? Each class requires x-number of credits. Those credit requirements are per-person, and can be seen in the right-most column on our list of all available training classes. Once you have an idea of the number of credits you'd like to purchase, contact your account rep and they'll help you out with the purchase side of things.

Curious about the cost of credits? Each credit = $1 USD. Except in specific regions of the world, where some fancy monetary calculations apply. Again, reach out to your account rep, and they'll walk you through it.

What can credits be used for? Absolutely anything in our catalog, except for the Archer On-Demand/Self-Paced training subscription. That subscription is the one thing that's purchasable only for a flat price. When we say Anything (subscription aside), that means you can use them for individual on-demand classes, individual seats in instructor-led classes, self-paced labs, and even certification exams. They really are kind of magical!

Bonus topic in tiny font: We call them Training Credits when we are selling them, but when you get into our learning management system, you'll find them referred to as Training Units in there. There's no wrong way to refer to them - the only wrong thing is to ignore using them or to forget that you bought them to begin with and then they expire which makes all of us sad. Tomayto-Tomahto, Potayto-Potahto. It's all the same to us. 🙂


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