How to contact RSA Support

This document provides information on how to use the RSA Community to find answers to your questions, including contacting support.

Find and Use Community Expertise

A huge resource that often goes undiscovered and unused is participating in the Community Discussions, which are monitored by RSA employees (including Support Engineers, Product Developers, Product Managers, and more), partners, and other RSA power users. Community Users that participate frequently in the discussions, and search the Discussions area and Knowledge Base areas for answers to their questions report much faster answers to their questions.


For a cheatsheet to help you get the most out of the forums go to this section of the RSA Community Frequently Asked Questions.

Searching Documentation and the Knowledge Base, Including Advanced Search

"When you encounter a problem, most of the time you aren't the only person that has ever encountered that problem before. To this end, the RSA Community boasts a huge selection of articles that have been crafted by support from real cases. The answers to your questions could be a quick search away.


Check out this article for more about using the Knowledge Base to your advantage.

Case Portal

The easiest method to engage customer support on the Community is to use the Case Portal on the RSA Community to open and manage cases.


1. Make sure you are logged into the RSA Community


sign in .png


2.  Select Support then Case Portal through the navbar and click the Create a New Case tab from any page or go directly here:  


case portal.png



choose case type.png

Please complete the form providing as much detail as possible and attach any supporting files or screenshots.


3. Click Save to route the case to the appropriate team.


Support Phone Numbers

The RSA Team can be contacted by customers and partners with active maintenance contracts using the numbers below.

USA 1-800-995-5095
UK +448000668073
France +33187212289
Germany +498920194097
Asia Pacific
Australia +61238138723
China +861053875939
India 0008000502408
Japan  +81 3-4564-5957
Singapore +6531292638

‘+’ = IDD prefix code. Some countries have multiple IDDs, with each one used by a different long-distance carrier.


Community Website Issues

For non-critical RSA Community issues, a web form is available to engage the RSA Support team, which is documented in the steps below.

  1. Navigate to in your browser.

  2. Enter your contact information and preferred method of communication.


  3. Select the reason you are contacting support using the Request For drop down.


  4. Indicate which RSA product to which the issue relates, your username, and/or a license serial number if applicable.

  5. Click on the box labeled I'm not a robot and then click Continue.


  6. Click on the Submit Case button to submit the information to the SecurID Support team, who will contact you within 48 business hours.


RSA Partner Community

For all queries regarding RSA Partner Communities (formerly Partner Central), please click here.

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