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The RSA SecurCare Provider (SCP) Program being run in EMEA will close on 4th May 2018.  The program being run in Australia will close on 3rd August 2018.


What does this mean for end user customers?

Your support will now be direct with RSA.  You will no longer need to call the partner for 1st and 2nd line support.  


How do I contact RSA for support?

We have page here on RSA Link that provides all the information you need.  Click HERE to access it.


Is there an option to manage my cases online?

Yes. Case Management is available via RSA Link.  Click HERE for information on how to access and manage your cases.  You can see all cases that have been logged under your maintenance contract number in the Case Management portal.  You can also see the type of support contract you have with RSA - Basic (9-5/5 support) or Enhanced (24/7 support).


I can see Partner personnel information in Case Management.

Under the SCP Program, Partners managed your cases for you and their information was linked to your maintenance contract.  Under Case Management you can manage who has access to your support cases.  Click HERE to access the information on how to manage your contacts.


Which languages does RSA support?

RSA officially supports English, French, German, Mandarin and Japanese.  However we have Support Personnel who speak other languages including Arabic, Spanish, Italian, Hindi and many more.  We cannot guarantee support in these languages but always seek to find the best person to help you with your case.


What if I need support outside normal working hours?

We have Support Personnel available to assist 24/7.  You need an Enhanced Maintenance contract to obtain 24/7 support.   As long as you have this contract type and are available to work with us, we have people to help and have a follow the sun process that can be activated for your case.


Does RSA have a page where I can access everything I need to know about RSA Support?

Yes, we do.  It's located on RSA Link and you can click HERE to access it and explore our knowledge base, review information about RSA Product Life Cycles, Support Plans and Options, Product Advisories and much more.


I want to continue support through my partner. How can I do this?

You will need to speak to and obtain an additional support contract with your partner.  


I have more questions.

We have a Support FAQ document which answers a number of other questions.  Click HERE to access it.

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