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RSA products reach End of Primary Support (EOPS) a minimum of 36 months* following the date of the product's General Availability (GA), unless otherwise specified. Once a product reaches EOPS, RSA Technical Support is no longer available under base support/maintenance agreements. Customers interested in uninterrupted support must upgrade to a current release or contract for RSA Extended Support. Customers must have a current Support Maintenance contract (Basic or Enhanced) as a prerequisite to Extended Support purchase. Extended Support coverage varies dependent on whether it is Year-1 or Year-2 of the Extended Support.

  • First Year Extended Support – Extends product support for up to one year beyond the published EOPS date. Customers receive all benefits provided by their previous support agreement for all Severity 1 cases, including hot fixes to product defects if necessary. For cases of other severity levels, customers receive best-effort support but no hot fixes.

  • Second Year Extended Support – Extends product support for as much as a second year beyond the published EOPS date. During the second year, customers will receive technical support assistance on operation of RSA software as well as workarounds to product defects for Severity 1 cases. Hot fixes are not included.

Support for RSA agents is not covered under First or Second Year Extended Support. After an agent has reached its end of primary support date, support can only be provided if the customer attains an agent incident pack agreement.


RSA will observe the Three-Year Primary Support Requirement for localized versions released after initial GA Date, unless otherwise specified.

RSA will recognize three years of Primary Support from date of purchase for all Appliances, unless otherwise specified.


* with the exception of RSA BSAFE. See RSA BSAFE for details.



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If you have any questions or concerns about this information, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions page or contact RSA Customer Support.

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