How to Login or Register for an RSA Link Account

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In order to benefit the most from the RSA Link platform, it is necessary to register for an account.  This allows you to not only view discussions and other content, but gives you the ability to post comments, start discussions, and upload files or videos.  Those that register as a customer by providing a valid Site ID, Serial Number, License Key, or Contract Number will also get access to the customer-only content (such as downloads and security advisories) related to your products, create a case with Customer Support and access My RSA.


Note: For existing customers who have previously logged into RSA SecureCare Online (SCOL) please use the same username/password to login to RSA Link.  No additional registration is required.


To register for an account, simply visit or click on the  button just below Search on the RSA Link home page.


After entering your email address, you will be ask whether or not you are an RSA customer or partner.  Leaving the box enabled will require you to enter a Serial Number, License Key, Site ID, or Contract Number for one of your products before moving on to the next page.  See How To Find Your Serial Number.



You must enroll as a customer or partner to gain access to the restricted content and resources such as product downloads.

Note: If you have previously registered for RSA Link and did not enroll as a customer you may re-enroll here: Registration Portal. Your password or security questions will not change.

Once the required information has been entered, you can enter the text from the CAPTCHA image, agree to the Terms & Conditions, and click on the blue Continue button to proceed with the account registration.



You will then be prompted to set up your risk-based authentication methods for your account.  You will have to option to select one or more of the options below.


Authentication Method
Security QuestionsSecurity questions are questions and answers about your personal experiences that you are unlikely to forget, but others are unlikely to guess.  You may be prompted to answer these questions again to verify your identity.  Your answers must match those you originally provided, so please make sure to memorize them.  Answers are not case-sensitive.
On-Demand AuthenticationOn-demand authentication allows you to verify your identity through a web interface.  After entering your PIN, an on-demand tokencode will be delivered to your phone as a text message.  You must enter this tokencode to complete the verification.
Hard TokenAn RSA SecurID hardware token is required for identity verification.  You will be asked for your company shipping address and a token will be shipped, at which point you will be able to log in.

If you select the Hardware Token option, you will not be able to set up Security Questions or On-Demand Authentication.

If you select the Security Questions option, simply select the questions you wish to answer from list drop down lists and provide the corresponding answers in the text fields.



If you select the On-Demand Authentication option, you will be prompted to enter your mobile phone number to which the tokencode will be sent.  It is highly recommended that you set your PIN to be the last four digits of your mobile number, as it is generally easier to remember.  However, you do have the option to set your own custom PIN instead.



If you chose to only allow authentication using a hardware token, you will be prompted for a shipping address where the token can be shipped.  This may take up to 10 business days for delivery, during which time you will be unable to log in.



After configuring your authentication method(s), you can then click on the blue Continue button, at which point you a completion message will be displayed.



Shortly after you complete the form, you will receive an email from with your temporary password, which you can use when logging in to RSA Link by clicking on the  button on the home page.




Once you log in with your temporary password, you will be prompted to create a new password for your account.



If you experience any issues with registering and/or logging in, be sure to reference the Common Authentication Issues with RSA Link document for known solutions.  If your issue is not addressed in that document, then you can engage RSA Customer Support by posting a question on RSA Customer Support or by sending an email to

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