Generate and Download an Identity Router Log Bundle

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You can configure collection of identity router logs, download the files to your local file system in a zip file, and use the data for investigating problems on the identity router. Debug-level logging provides more detail than standard-level logging (the default). You can temporarily enable debug-level logging and then generate and download the log data collected while debug-level logging was enabled. For instructions, see Set the Identity Router Logging Level. For a list of files in the log bundle, see Contents of Identity Router Log Bundle.

Note:   To save an existing log bundle, be sure to download it from the identity router and save it to your local file system before you generate a new bundle.

Before you begin 


  1. Open a web browser and go to https://<managementIP>/setup.jsp, where <managementIP> is the IP address of the identity router management interface.
  2. Sign into the Identity Router Setup Console.
  3. Click Collect Logs.
  4. Click Generate New Log Bundle.

    The log bundle is generated on the identity router. The log bundle is available for download until one of the following occurs:

    • You generate a new log bundle.
    • You delete the log bundle.
    • It is automatically removed after seven days.
  5. To download a copy of the log bundle, click Download Logs.

    Save the file to your local file system.



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