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General Questions

This section includes general questions related to RSA Link.


RSA Link is a combination of RSA SecurCare Online (SCOL) and the RSA communities from the EMC Community Network (ECN), and is the new customer support portal for RSA products.  RSA Link is a one-stop shop for all customer service needs.  On this website users can access documentation, downloads, advisories, knowledge base articles, and more, while also having the ability to participate in real-time discussions with other customers, partners, and RSA employees.  Refer to the RSA Link Data Sheet for more information.


What happened to RSA SecurCare Online?

RSA SecurCare Online (SCOL) has now been decommissioned, and navigating to will now direct users to RSA Link.


The majority of the RSA Link website is publicly accessible, meaning that a login is not required and content can be found via search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.  There are, however, sections of the website (such as product downloads and security advisories) that are only accessible to customers with valid maintenance contracts.



Access and Registration

This section addresses questions related to registering and logging in to RSA Link.


Step-by-step instructions for registering for an RSA Link account and logging in can be found here.


What should I do if I encounter issues with logging in, registering, or accessing content?

If you encounter any issues with logging in, registering for an account, or accessing content such as product downloads, you should first reference the Common Authentication Issues with RSA Link document, which addresses many of the more common issues.  If you need further assistance, please Contact RSA Customer Support.



Community Discussions

This section addresses questions related to the community forums throughout RSA Link.


Where are the community forums?

Each product has its own community where users can create and participate in discussion threads.  You can access the product pages by clicking on a product from the home page, by selecting a product in the website footer, or by navigating to the Products page from the main menu.  For more general support questions, such as RSA Link-related questions, a forum also exists on the RSA Customer Support page, which you can access by clicking on Get Help in the main menu.


How do I start a new discussion thread?

On each product page you will find a Recent Discussions section underneath the search bar.  Beneath this section, which displays the five most recently updated discussions for the product, you will find an Ask a Question button as well as a Start a Discussion button.  Clicking on either of these buttons will start a new thread.


What is the difference between a question and a discussion?

A discussion is when you want to share ideas and simply start a conversation about a certain topic.  With discussions, you are not expecting to receive an answer to a question, but rather to have an open dialogue.  Discussions will have a blue text bubble icon () to the left of their titles.


A question, on the other hand, is where you can ask a question about a product and can expect to receive an answer from fellow users.  An unanswered question will have a blue question mark icon () whereas an answered question will have a green check mark icon () to indicate that a comment has been identified as the "correct answer."


Who can mark a comment as the correct answer in a question thread?

The user who posts a question has the ability to mark a comment as the correct answer.  A Mark Correct button will appear on each comment within the thread, as shown below.  Community Managers also have the ability to mark questions as answered when the original author forgets to do so.


How can I view all discussion threads for a product?

If you wish to view more than the five most recently updated discussions from the Recent Discussions section on a product page, you may simply click on the View All button underneath that section.  Alternatively, you can click on the View all Discussions or View all Questions links under the Browse the Community section on the product pages.



Product Documentation

This section includes questions relating to product documentation on RSA Link.


Where can I find the product documentation?

Each product page has is separated into sections based on its versions so that users can always find the documentation and downloads relating to the version they are running.  After navigating to a product page on RSA Link, simply hover over the Documentation option in the main menu and select the appropriate version.


For products that have many versions, an "All Versions" option can be found in the drop down menu, which will direct users to a single page with all product versions that provides links to the associated documentation, downloads, and other relevant content.


Links to the product versions can also be found on the right rail of the product pages.


How is the documentation organized?

All of the product documentation is categorized into specific topics, such as Administration, Best Practices, Configuration, and Installation & Upgrade.


An explanation of the categories can be found below.

AdministrationOngoing tasks and information necessary to keep the system running/operating properly. For example, archiving logs, creating administrators and ongoing user management. Administration does not include on-time tasks necessary to configure or deploy the software, as these would be Configuration or Installation & Upgrade.
Best PracticesGenerally, conceptual or reference information to help customers deploy their systems in the most secure and efficient way possible.
ConfigurationTasks and information necessary to configure a system. This includes deliverables such as Configuration Guides and network diagrams.
DevelopmentInformation and tasks related to use of RSA SDKs for creation of applications for use with RSA software products. Examples include API guides, etc.
Installation & UpgradeTasks and information necessary to plan, install, and upgrade a system. This includes deliverables such as Planning Guides, Release Notes, installation instructions, and one-time setup information and tasks.
IntegrationInformation relating to our products working in conjunction with other products or services. RSA Ready content would be categorized as Integration, then tagged with both "3rd Party" and "RSA Ready."
OverviewHigh-level conceptual information about the product, version, product architecture, etc.
TroubleshootingInformation and tasks related to diagnosing and correcting problems to an already-deployed system. Examples include, log message information and information on how to restart a system.
User GuideGeneral product information including how-to and instructions about using the product that is directed toward the end-user.


How is the documentation displayed?

Documentation is presented as either an HTML document, which will have a blue document icon (  ) or will be an uploaded PDF document, which will have a red PDF icon. (  )

All PDF documents will render within the browser in HTML5 for users that are logged in, which allows them to browse the content without downloading the file.  However, it is still possible to download the PDF file for offline viewing by clicking its link at the bottom of the page.


Can I subscribe to a document in case it is updated?

Users have the ability to subscribe to--or "follow"--any content within RSA Link, including documentation.  This will allow them to receive an email notification whenever the content is updated.  Full instructions for following content can be found here:  How to subscribe to content on RSA Link 


What if I can't find the documentation that I need?

RSA does all it can to make it as easy and intuitive as possible to find content on RSA Link, either through navigating the site or using the search functionality.  However, if you are unable to find what you need, you have a few options that can help:



Product Downloads

This section addresses questions related to product downloads on RSA Link.


Where can I find product downloads?

Each product version has its own designated downloads page where users can download service packs, patches, and more.  The downloads pages can be reached in the following ways:

  • Using the main menu on the high-level product pages
  • Clicking on the downloads link under Product Resources on a Product Version page
  • Clicking on the Downloads link for a product version on the All Versions page
  • Searching for the downloads page using the global search feature


Who has access to product downloads?

The RSA product downloads are only accessible to customers and partners that have an active maintenance contract for the respective product associated with their account.  (RSA employees can also access all product downloads.)  For this to happen, the user must have selected the "I am an RSA Customer or Partner" option when registering for his or her RSA Link account.  (For more information, refer to the document entitled How to Login or Register for an RSA Link Account.) 


The only exceptions to this are the RSA SecurID Authentication Agents and Token Authenticators, which are freely available and accessible to everyone, including those without RSA Link accounts.


Where are the full installers and new releases?

Because additional authentication is required to obtain the product full installers and new releases, they are located on the RSA Download Central portal.  While it is possible to navigate directly to RSA Download Central, it is generally easier to obtain the full installers and new releases by going to the downloads page for the product version you are looking for and clicking on the Additional Downloads button, as shown below.

For some products, such as RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle, product patches are found here as well.


Once on the Additional Downloads page, you can click on the Upgrade button for the product whose new release you wish to download and follow the onscreen instructions to download the software.  For more information about this process, refer to the tutorials below.


If you wish to go directly to RSA Download Central for the downloads rather than using the Additional Downloads option, or if the product does not allow this option such as with RSA NetWitness Logs and Packets, you can click on the RSA Download Central button on the downloads page for the product version. This will route you to the RSA Download Central portal and provide you with detailed instructions for obtaining the software.



Case Management

This section addresses questions related to the My RSA  Case Management portal on RSA Link.


What is My RSA?

The My RSA Case Management portal is where customers can open and manage their support cases, view their maintenance contracts (also referred to as entitlements) and products, and also where they can manage their team.  The My RSA Case Management portal can be accessed in the following ways:

  • Clicking on the My RSA link in the main menu.

  • Clicking on the Get Help link in the main menu and then selecting the CREATE A CASE option on that page's menu.


How do I create a support case?

Instructions for creating support cases can be found in the following tutorial:  How to Contact RSA Customer Support 


How do I manage my open support cases?

Once you have entered the My RSA Case Management portal, select Open Cases (Portal view) from the View drop down menu and then click the Go! button.




How do I view my closed support cases?

Similar to viewing the open support cases, simply select Closed Cases (Portal view) from the View drop down menu and click the Go! button.


How do I view my products?

Clicking on the My Products tab will display all of your products, their serial numbers, their maintenance contract information, and more.


How do I view my maintenance contracts?

Your maintenance contracts (referred to as entitlements) can be found on both the My Products and Entitlement tabs within the My RSA Case Management portal.  However, the My Products tab will generally show more relevant information about the contracts and will provide a hyperlink (shown in the screenshot above) that allows you to request a contract renewal for maintenance contracts that are close to expiring or have already lapsed.


How do I manage my team?

You can manage your team and grant your colleagues access to your company's account on the My Team tab within the My RSA Case Management portal.  Full instructions for doing so can be found in the following knowledge base article:  000034658 - How to add other users to your account in RSA Link 


What if I am seeing a Single Sign-on error when I try to access My RSA?

A single sign-on error generally indicates a discrepancy with the user's account, which will likely need to be resolved by the RSA Customer Support team.  You can engage them by submitting a ticket using the general customer support web form.