Add an RSA SecurID Authentication API Key

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The RSA SecurID Authentication API is a REST-based programming interface that allows you to develop clients that process multifactor, multistep authentications through RSA Authentication Manager and the Cloud Authentication Service. The interface definition can be integrated with any programming language.

Clients built using the Authentication API require a key to pass authentication requests to the Cloud Authentication Service. Every Initialize call from the client must contain this key to securely identify the authentication request. You can add up to 10 keys using the Cloud Administration Console. If a key becomes compromised and is no longer secure, you can delete it and add a new one. For more information about the Authentication API, see the RSA SecurID Authentication API Developer's Guide.

Note:   You must publish the changes for these actions to take effect. For example, if you delete a compromised key but do not publish, the deleted key can continue to be used in authentication requests until the changes are published.


  1. In the Cloud Administration Console, click My Account > Company Settings and select the Authentication API Keys tab.

  2. Click ADD. The new key is displayed.

  3. (Optional) Enter a description that identifies how the key will be used.

  4. Add as many keys as necessary (up to 10), then click Save Settings.

  5. To immediately activate these updates, click Publish Changes.

After you finish 

Use a secure method to deliver the keys to your authentication client developers.



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