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Article Number000035383
Applies ToRSA Product Set: RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle
RSA Version/Condition: 6.9, 7.0.0, 7.0.1, 7.0.2, 7.1
IssueThe RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle community already contains product and security advisories, documentation, downloads, training guides and a knowledge base.  This article is intended for customers who need a starting point that combines just the documentation, online help files and knowledge base, in one place.  It also contains links to the Product Certification Matrix.



    A Quick Note about RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle's Product Name Evolution

    From time to time, you may see references to different names for the RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle product.  The different names reflect the history of the product, as over time RSA's suite of identity products have evolved to better suit the ever-changing computer security environment.  Previous product names include:

    1. Aveksa (2004).  This is why the RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle product is most commonly referred to as Aveksa.  You will see Aveksa in many places, for example, in the UNIX service name.
    2. RSA Aveksa versions 4 through to 6.5 (July 8, 2013).
    3. RSA Aveksa version 6.0, introduced the following components for scalability:

    • Aveksa Compliance Manager server (ACM).  Later, this component will be known as Access Compliance/Certification Manager.
    • Aveksa Fulfillment Express (AFX).  Later, this component will be known as Access Fulfillment Express.

    1. Identity and Access Management (IAM) versions 6.8.x.  This was subsequently referred to as Identity Management and Governance.
    2. Identity Management and Governance (IMG) versions 6.9.x.
    3. RSA Via Lifecycle and Governance version 7.0.0.
    4. RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle, version 7.0.1 and above (2016).
    Knowing about the product name evolution is important because when searching the knowledge base, these names will appear in the documents that are returned in the search results.


    The documentation for the Identity Governance & Lifecycle product is separated into general product documentation and then specifically for the Connectors and Collectors and the Data Access Governance module.  However, special mention needs to be made about the Administrators Guide, as it has evolved from a specific document to the online help.

    The general production documentation includes the Installation Guide, Release Notes, Update and Migration Guide and Database Guides.

    For all versions, information on how the RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle application collects data from the identity sources, and connects to the endpoints to make the access changes can be found in the Connector and Collector documentation.

    For the Data Access Governance (DAG) module this is also a separate set of documentation available on the Data Access Governance product space.

    The Administrators Guide (aka Online Help)

    As the product has evolved, the Administrators Guide changed from being a document, to being only available in the online help.  So that customers still have access to the Administrative Guide in later versions, it can now be downloaded as a set of HTML files.  This means the Administrative Guide is available without having to login to the RSA application.

    The Administration Guide topics in the Online Help files are listed below. 

    • Getting Started with RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle
    • Onboarding Data Sources and Data (Applications, Directories and Data Collection)
    • Administration (Settings, Authentication, Dashboards, Email, Tasks and LINUX Command-line Reference)
    • My Tasks (Reviews, Approvals, Policies and Rule Violations)
    • Reviews (Create, Run/Perform Reviews, Definitions and Coverage Files)
    • Requests (Configure, Create, Manage and AFX Requests)
    • Rules (Create, Manage and Violation Exceptions)
    • Reports (Create, Edit, Run, Import/Export and Definitions)
    • Data Access Governance (Module)
    • Roles (Configure, Manage, Role sets)
    • Working with RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle (Tables/Objects, Privileges, Attributes, various Management activities and Web Services)

    The Knowledge Base

    The RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle main page is where knowledge base articles are available for searching.

    These articles are written to provide additional information about the product behavior not explicitly mentioned in the documentation or to document solutions for defects that have been found since a particular version of a product has been released.

    When a search has been initiated, a choice can be made on the left-hand-side under Show, for only documents to be displayed.  By choosing Show > Documents, the search results will not include all the other content available in RSA Link.  This means the items found are only those articles that are in addition to the product documentation.

    Show Documents only

    The following sections are presented to provide further information about the RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle product.

    RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle Implementation Models 

    The following models of implementation are currently available, where the components can maintained either by RSA or by the customer.

    HardwareOperating SystemApplication
    ApplicationOracle Database
    Hardware ApplianceRSA (local)RSARSA 
    Software Bundle
       (with RSA-provided database)
    Software Bundle
       (with customer-provided database)
    Software OnlyCustomerCustomerCustomer

    Product Architecture

    The following are the high-level components needed for the RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle product to run.

    Operating SystemSUSE Linux  or  Red Hat Enterprise Linux
    Application Server

       Note: A choice of one out of three vendors is available
    Java Development Kit

       Note: The JDK needs to match the Application Server vendor
    RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle ApplicationThe aveksa.ear file contains the following Java-based servers.
    • Access Certification Manager (ACM) server
    • Access Fulfillment eXpress (AFX) server
    • WorkPoint server (bundled third-party software for workflows)
    • Mule Management Console (mmc, bundled third-party software for Enterprise Service Bus).
    DatabaseOracle Enterprise Edition

    Product Support Matrix

    These documents advise what Product Architecture Component versions are needed to run the RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle product.

    RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle - Supported Collectors and Connectors documents the identity sources from which RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle can collect and the endpoints to which RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle can connect when making changes to user access.

    NotesRSA Identity Management and Governance 6.9.x has reached End Of Primary Support (EOPS).  Please see the Product Version Life Cycle for RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle for more information.