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Locating Documentation in the RSA Community

Documentation is central to the new RSA Community and we have a few ways that you can get to your documentation.  Here we'll focus on the Navigation Bar, selecting Documentation from the homepage, selecting documentation from any other page, and our advanced new search features.

On any page you can select Documentation from the navigation bar at the top and a dropdown will greet you with the different documentation spaces on hover.  Simply navigate over and select which subproduct you would like to visit.

Finding Documents from the Navigation Bar and Home Page

If you are on the Home Page you can also click on the big Documentation icon below the greeting area.



You can see that in the new RSA Community your products and subproducts are only a click away!

  • SecurID (formerly RSA SecurID Access)
  • SecurID Governance & Lifecycle (formerly RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle)
  • Technology Partners (formerly RSA Ready)


Getting to Documentation quickly from within the site

product resources.pngAn alternate method to using the super-navigation menu at the top is to look for a sidebar menu on specific pages.  It looks like this, and has a lot of useful places to go contained within.  We'll focus on Documentation here: Simply click on "Documentation" to be brought to the general documentation landing page for the product you are browsing, or you can also click the little arrow (some call it a "chevron" to expand to any sub-menus that you might want to get to before making your final selection.










Searching for Content in the Site

We're excited to announce a new search experience in the new Community that will render more relevant content, quicker.  There are a few ways to access this search area: in the navigation menu, on the home screen, or in the advanced-search area.

The Navbar, which is visible from any page has a magnify glass (aka spotlight search) that when clicked will drop down to reveal a customizable search field, as shown in the image below.  You can also notice that on the homepage there is a searchable field that will search the entire website for information about that subject lower in the greeting area. 

hardware tokens search.png



You can also have a more granular search if you want by clicking "Entire Website" next to the search icon like so:

Search dropdown.png



The Advanced Search Area

Clicking on either of the color-filled magnifying glasses will bring you to the advanced area:

double search.png



Here you see many advanced options, like searching by Posts, Users, Private Messages, or Places.  By Clicking "Advanced" you can change how many results you get back from your search and filter them by different categories.

There are additional sorting and filtering criteria that you should definitely check out.

advanced search.png



For any other questions about documentation, or for anything else please post in the RSA Community Forum or visit the Support Information Community page for help.

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